Using Color in your TIMU View

Color Menu

Click the 'Color' option on the filter bar to enable color-coding for kanban cards and grid rows. Make a selection in the 'Color By' field, and TIMU will automatically apply a color to each row based on the value of the field you selected.
The Color menu setting has no effect on list and calendar views.

Dropdown Fields

In addition to colorizing grid rows, dropdown fields can be configured with custom colors. You can specify a custom color for each possible value of a dropdown field. To change the setting, click Fields>Add Fields>Customize Fields on the filter bar in your view, or open the module settings area and click 'Fields'.
Click the pencil icon next to the dropdown field whose colors you want to customize, then click the circle next to any of the field's list values to select a color for that value. Remember to save your changes! 

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