Creating a New View

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Getting Started

When you add a blank module to your workspace, it comes without any views configured.

Before you can start interacting with any content in the module, you'll need to create a new view to display the content. Click '+ New View' and select the option for 'Local View'. This will create a new Local View that displays the contents of the module you're currently in; a Linked View is used for displaying the content from another TIMU module.

View Privacy

The next step is to specify who can access the view. Choosing 'Everyone' will make the view available to all users who already have permissions in the module. If you want to create a private view for your own use, choose 'Just Me'.

View Layouts

Each module has one or more default options for view layouts. Each layout has different strengths and weaknesses. Any of the following may be a default option in your module:

  • Simple List - a minimalist view that gives you the name of each item in the module.
  • Grid - a flexible view that shows module content as rows, with data fields arranged in customizable columns.
  • Kanban - displays module items as cards, arranged into columns based on their value in a field of your choosing.
  • Calendar - lets you display module content on a calendar according to any date-type field.

Each type of view layout also has one or more pre-configured templates associated with it. Any of the templates can be reconfigured to behave like the others, so don't be afraid of choosing the wrong one!

Finally, you'll need to give your view a name.

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