Using Discussions

When to use Discussions

When you need to share a report with everyone in the project, or discuss a specific topic in detail with a few of your teammates, use a discussion. Discussions allow you to keep project conversations organized into separate threads. Discussions are contained in their own project module, and new messages from your discussions will also show up in your TIMU mailbox.

Creating Discussion Threads

To start a new discussion, select the discussions module from your project's sidebar, and click on “+ New Discussion” at the top of the page.

Public and Private Discussions

Public and Private DiscussionsBy default, newly created discussions will include all project members with access to the module. In situations where not everyone needs to be a part of the conversation, you can narrow your audience by choosing the 'make private' option - the small padlock icon - and then adding the users who you want to include in your discussion.

Posting to a Discussion Thread

You can reply to an ongoing discussion directly from your TIMU mailbox, or post an update in an older discussion by opening the discussions module and clicking on the desired thread. No matter how you open the conversation, posting to an existing discussion is simple and straightforward- type your message in the 'Reply' field and press the Enter key or click 'Send'.

Attaching Files

You can attach files to the discussion by clicking on the paperclip icon to the right of the reply field.

Formatting Tools

When you want to compose a longer message with more formatting than plain text, click the pop-out button to pop out a TIMU Write editor. TIMU Write includes a set of tools at the top of the page that let you format text and insert additional content such as images. For more information, see  our full article on TIMU Write.

Tagging Another User

To get another user’s attention, you can use an @mention. Type '@' followed by the first few letters of the user's name, and TIMU will display a list of matching users in the discussion. Click the user's name to add the @mention to your message. When the message is posted to the discussion, the users you mentioned will receive a notification email, as well as a special notification in their TIMU mailbox.

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