Using TIMU Write

TIMU Write is a versatile document editor that we've created to improve some of the existing tools, while also bringing new functionality and a consistent interface across multiple modules. You'll encounter it in Chats, Discussions, Comment Feeds, Files modules and Wikis, and Task modules! TIMU Write does all of these:

  • Replaces the old Chat mode/Compose mode toggle for Chats, Discussions, and Comment feeds.
  • Lets you create a document directly in a 'file' type custom field on a task - no need to upload anything or use an external app!
  • Create documents in a Files module without external apps or uploading
  • Lets multiple users collaboratively make edits to the same document in real-time.

Tools and Features

The editor comprises three main sections- the central document editing area, a discussion feed in the sidebar, and a tabbed toolbar at the top of the editor.

Formatting Options

The Format tab has three sets of tools for editing the text in your document:

screenshot of TIMU Write Format menu

  • Type - create bold, italic, or underline text, as well as hyperlinks.
  • Lists - create ordered or unordered lists. While building your list, you can use the Tab key to increase the level of indentation, and Shift+Tab to decrease it. Use the 'lift' button to switch back to regular text entry.
  • Styles - use these buttons to change the font size. You can choose from the default 'paragraph' style, or three different 'heading' styles.
Inserting Content

The Insert tab lets you add content to your TIMU Write document. You can insert an existing image from a Files module, or upload one from your computer. You also have the option to create a table in your document.

screenshot of TIMU Write Insert menu

After you insert a table, the Table Layout tab will appear. From this menu, you can add or remove rows and columns from your table. The following options are available:

screenshot of TIMU Write Table Layout menu

  • Add Rows - create a blank row above or below the cursor position.
  • Add Columns - create a blank column to the left or right of the cursor position.
  • Remove Cells - delete the entire row or column at the cursor position.
Editing and Saving

TIMU Write automatically saves your document as you work. The save status is displayed at the top of the window, next to the file name. Make sure your document status is 'saved' before closing!

When you need to undo an edit, or re-insert something you removed from the document, you can use the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons. These are accessible no matter which toolbar tab you are working in.


Multiple users can make edits to a single document at once. During a collaborative editing session, each user's contributions are displayed in real-time.

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