Using Chat in TIMU

Chats are a great way to have a running dialogue with teammates about project activities, or send questions and quick notes to colleagues outside the project. 

Chats vs. Discussions

Like discussions, you can have a chat with all members of a project, or create private chats with specific users, and incoming messages will be copied to your TIMU mailbox. The difference is that discussions are separated into topical threads in a project module, while chats are a more general conversation, and not necessarily contained within a project.

Public and Private Chats

Chat modules can be added to a project to create a place for project members to have an ongoing conversation, or you can start a private chat from anywhere in TIMU by clicking the '+ Chat' button at the top of the screen and entering the names of the users you want to include.

Project owners can add a chat module to the project from the 'Modules' tab of the project settings page.

Sharing Links and Content

TIMU Chats aren't limited to plaintext communications. You can also do any of the following:

  • Attach files - use the paperclip icon icon to insert a file into the conversation. 
  • Share a link - paste a URL into the conversation and TIMU will automatically generate a preview of the link's destination. 
  • Images - attach an image using the paperclip icon icon and it will be displayed in the chat. 
  • TIMU Write - For composing longer messages with more robust formatting tools, click the pop-out icon icon to pop out a TIMU Write window. 

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